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Underwriter Opportunities

Family Heritage Stories is made possible by the generous support of viewers and underwriters.

Private interviews with Nicea DeGering or Doug Jessop start at $3000. You get an up to 1-hour interview, along with editing out bloopers, adding in your pictures and giving you a digital copy to keep and share.  Taping is typically done in Salt Lake City, Utah at Lanny Barnard Gallery / Chalk Garden in Trolley Square. Taping can be done anywhere in the world with an extra charge for travel.

Underwriters/sponsors benefit from the "halo effect" of being associated with Family Heritage Stories and its mission to collect, preserve and distribute diverse stories of traditions, values and culture. Nearly 85% of consumers believe such marketing creates a positive image for underwriters/sponsors

If you would like to book a private interview with Nicea DeGering or Doug Jessop or partner your brand with Family Heritage Stories, please contact Krista Numbers, at

Hero Salute Stories

Hero Salute Stories are one of the signature pieces of Family Heritage Stories that started with interviews with heroes of the 159th Dustoff Medical Evacuation Unit in Vietnam. 

Veteran Memorial Service

A Recipe From Grandma

A lot of traditions, values and culture are tied to food. Those special recipes from Grandma deserve to be saved and shared. 

Making Pasta

Tell Me A Story About Grandma or Grandpa

There is a special bond between Grandparents and Grandchildren. If stories are not passed down from generation to generation those stories are lost.


Remember Where You Came From

"Remember Where You Came From" bonds us with our family and cultural heritage.

Family Photos in B&W

Objects with Stories are Treasures Remembered

Everyone has a story. Objects with Stories are Treasures Remembered. Features Rare Book/Movie Memorabilia Collector, Brandon Fugal, as well as Dr. Micah Christensen from Anthony's Fine Arts & Antiques.

treasures nicea micah.jpg

The Caring Stories / On A Scale of One to Ten - How's Your Mental Health?

"The Caring Stories" and "On A Scale of One to Ten - How's Your Mental Health" are an important story franchise that focuses on a positive approach to mental health and helping each other.

Mother and Daughter Love

Vacation Locations

You can learn a lot about traditions, values and culture when you travel. Heritage Tourism allows people to connect with their past and family history.

Senior Couple on Vacation

Stories Told Through Music

Everyone has a story. Sometimes Stories are Told Through Music.

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